Processing and storage
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We capture the raw material respecting the international standards of SUSTAINABLE FISHING and we make sure that it is kept in optimal storage and cooling conditions from the moment of capture on the fishing ship “Raffaella” until the very beginning of the production process.


Elaboration begins with the washing of the anchovy and desquamation, which is done through the cylinder desquamation and injecting water under pressure.

Next the head is removed and the anchovy is separated by size, salt and brine is added for its maturation.  It’s this stage in which the flavor and aroma is managed to acquire the high quality that characterizes our production.

Once matured, the anchovy’s tail and the remainder of the skin is removed and each fillet is hand cut by our experienced operatives.

Packed and labeled

The anchovy fillets are then neatly placed in their respective packs.  Sunflower or olive oil, as the case may be, and any necessary spices are then added and the anchovy’s are allowed to steep.

The product is then vacuumed sealed for freshness and is labeled.


The product is stored in modern cooling chambers at an average temperature of +5 * degrees Celsius, until shipment.